Uninvited Guest

On a quiet night not so long ago (two days ago, to be exact) I was visited by an unexpected, uninvited guest. A fleeting glimpse of brown fur, spindly legs and perky ears caught my attention from the corner of my eye and then it was gone. Acting quickly I sealed the only exit, the crack beneath the guest bathroom’s door, and pondered how best to dispatch the rodent who had undoubtedly let itself in when I carelessly left the back door open to air the place out.

For those who don’t know me, I am a pacifist. I take great pride in seeking peaceful resolution, but I will admit the thought of a field mouse loose in the apartment elicited thoughts of mouse traps, adhesives, and poisons. Fortunately those countless hours of Facebook surfing finally paid off as a peaceful solution came to mind almost immediately.

The breakdown of parts as I interpreted them:

One clean, gently used Oak Farms whole milk bottle
A plain wire hanger
The lid from a can of beans
One small souvenir box from Amazon
Good ol’ reliable packing tape (because I couldn’t find the duct tape)

With all of these wonderful resources at my disposal I took to my workshop and assembled what could possibly be my greatest piece of craftsmanship:


Believe it or not, this is an effective mouse trap! The mouse is actually inside the bottle in this picture!

Let’s be 100% clear; fashioning a MacGuyver worthy mousetrap at midnight on a work night is not my idea of a good time. The experience is hardly worth talking about outside of the fact that this simple solution was extraordinarily effective. With a few simple components readily available at home I was able to fashion the contraption and bait it with some irresistible dark chocolate covered almonds for bait. Within an hour I could hear that the trap had worked as my newfound friend darted back and forth within the bottle helplessly.


If you’re going to get some fresh air, open a window instead of a door. This is nowhere near as fun as Tom and Jerry led me to believe.